Yazoo「 ヤズー」 (vellutato) wrote,
Yazoo「 ヤズー」


A blizzard...?

How inconvenient. [Sighs and rolls eyes slightly.] I find it somewhat amusing that the snow itself is rather pretty when untouched--but that's how a lot of things are, aren't they? Only pretty when pristine.

If it lasts long, I can see how this digital level will be useful in keeping track of people, seeing as the physical plane is currently hindered.

Things seemed a little too quiet lately, so this must be the manifestation of something interesting. I only wish it was something that wasn't hard to maneuver through, and wouldn't require me ruining my hair or anything. [Idly runs a hand through some.]

Tags: advantages, blizzard, don't ruin the hair plz, pretty things, snow
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