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[Yazoo is sitting in his room of the apartment, lounging on a couch with his arm draped rather dramatically across his forehead while Chopin plays on a radio somewhere in the room. He lets out a sigh and probably doesn't even realize he's on the second level at this point because he's relaxed physically but bothered by all the problems in the world. >: ]

Maybe the Lifestream was better than this. One thing ends; another begins seemingly worse than the first.

What's next?

And are we ever going to find her?

I don't even know where Kadaj and Mr. President are anymore. It's so hard to keep track....the only person I ever really seem to see consistently is that stupid redhead and even he's getting boring.

[Another sigh.]

Perhaps I need some literature to brush up on while it all passes.
Tags: death, drama, i hate this place kthnx, lifestream, mom, no get out, oh emo
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