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Yazoo「 ヤズー」
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NAME: Yazoo「 ヤズー」

VERSION: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Original Universe

District/Residence: Pending

AGE: 19


Asexual/Homosexual; Yazoo has no interest in women whatsoever and usually regards them coolly or with a hint of disdain. His Mother is the only female he will ever concern himself with--and his devotion towards her may often appear to be a blind obsession. To males, however, he may occasionally find himself attracted. Not that he ever attempts to make anything from said attractions, rather he calmly would classify himself as asexual.

Human, though his body was tainted with the foreign cells of Jenova. As a “remnant”, he was essentially born from the expelled cells of Sephiroth in the Lifestream and created as an initially tainted being. The cells of Jenova are harmful under many conditions, especially when they result in the disease known as Geostigma. While Yazoo and the remnants did not actually have Geostigma, they nonetheless were infected with Jenova’s cells. Upon his arrival in the RP, he will have been wiped clean of all traces of these cells, and consequently his inferred ability to “hear” his Mother speak her message and communicate to her three follwers.

There is no doubt that Yazoo is an extremely striking individual.

He stands at around five-foot-nine/five-foot-ten, though his attractiveness and the haughty way he presents himself seems to project him as much taller and almost unapproachable. His posture is impeccable, and he holds himself in an almost regal manner. When he walks, he makes it flawlessly graceful, to the point where it seems like he is gliding instead of walking. He has a thin, lithe build, which is good for agility and flexibility. Though one may not notice it at first, he is much toned and has muscles (especially in his arms), but not visibly so. From any view but behind especially, he has a feminine figure—lean abs and a thin waist leading to womanly curves and hips.

His face is exquisite, a perfect mixture between delicacy and something almost inhumanly beautiful in features. His skin is pale and creamy, with no blemishes visible (on the outside—though he’s taken his fair share of scarring elsewhere, he does his best to care for his skin). His face is thin, yet not to the point of being gaunt by any means, and his features are all extremely smooth with the exception of his chin, which is much defined and especially noticeable from his profile. There are no piercings on his ears, nor any distinguishing marks. His face is flawless, and the apathetic and usually empty look he wears almost makes him appear to be doll-like in nature. It is rare to see him smile, and much more common to see a slight smirk on his lips that just taunts with the air of “I know something you don’t.” Not much really ever fazes him. People may occasionally wonder what it would be like to get his normally vacant expression to contort into ecstasy, pain, elation…anything but the emptiness.

Yazoo’s eyes are unique and cannot be described with one simple shade. At times, they appear to be emerald with shades of sapphire, cobalt, or azure. Quite commonly his eyes are shaded more with green than they are blue, but if he is displaying any extreme emotions it may affect the coloring and make the blue more noticeable. An interesting note is the almost feline quality his irises sometimes take on during some occasions. His silver eyebrows are extremely thin (almost to the point of not being visible at a distance) and precise, with a natural arch that borders on almost haughty. The color is slightly darker than his actual hair color. The eyes are framed by thick, black eyelashes that contrast with his skin. When he is tired or feeling particularly drained, there are usually dark shadows and circles around his eyes, giving him an edge and adding to his aloof portrayal.

Much like his eyes, his hair cannot be described in one simple shade. Depending on the lighting, it can appear to be either silver, white, or even have a blue-ish hue to it. For the most part, it is varying shades of silver, gunmetal grey, white, and even dark enough strands that could be considered black. Under darker lighting, however, his hair looks like it has an azure tint to it. It extends past his shoulders, about midway down his back. Usually he has two sections that hang down the front to almost his stomach. His bangs look as though they’ve been grown out or are in the process of growing out and are usually swept off of his face. They fall just past his eyes and midway down the bridge of his nose. His hair looks to be very fine and silky, exceptionally well kept also. Almost always, it is worn long and simply, but occasionally he’ll fasten it back at the nape of his neck if it’s being bothersome.

He adores leather, vinyl, and anything most people would consider fetish wear. When not wearing his usual leather bodysuit, leather is still his fabric of choice for pants. Black, silver, dark navy, hunter green or violet are the primary colours in his wardrobe. They tend to compliment his light skin and accentuate his eyes. His clothes are often very tight, like a second skin—especially his pants. It’s just the style he’s come to favour over the years, and he unknowingly attracts the attention of many people because of it His voice is usually on the quieter side and not quite monotone, but there is little to no inflection when he speaks—it’s almost melodic in a way. His words are careful and calculated, unless he is feeling slightly sadistic in which case his tone can become scathing and sardonic.

*He is Unmarked.

More often than not, Yazoo is reserved almost to the point of being arrogant and giving off an “I’m better than you and holier than thou” air. At times, he is enigmatic and mysterious, especially with his quietness and the streaks of bitter cynicism that shine through occasionally.

The way he usually appears to people is quiet, reserved, apathetic and detached from whatever may be happening around him unless called upon. If he does speak, it’s either something incredibly contemptuous or mocking as a response, or it is entirely relevant to the matter at hand and measured with a cool sort of calculation. Yazoo is not one to waste words by any means, and sometimes his only response is a mild sound tinged with disdain or disinterest. He does not sweet-talk—not seriously anyway. Anything that may be regarded as “flirty” in tone is generally only said in joking, and these occasions are extremely rare.

He is also quite pessimistic and cynical in nature—always assuming the worst due to his background and family history. He prefers to look on things as dreary but matter-of-factly, and is disillusioned in everything that he comes into contact with. By now, he is aware of the fact that he looks upon matters in this nature and does it on purpose, and is perfectly content to do so.

Beneath the apathetic and hardened exterior is an extremely complex and somewhat forlorn individual. Family is something important to him, but only the members of the family would know it. The lack of parental figures aside from his frantic obsession to find his Mother has developed a sort of complex within him—a need to be led, guided, and dominated—no matter what the means. Whether it’s being talked down to or bottoming during sex, he will usually take the role of the submissive with much vigor in order to possibly atone for what he did not and still does not possess.

There is also a side to him that is quite unlike any other—as he was literally born of Sephiroth’s will, he possesses many identical qualities. Of the three remnants, he symbolizes the “allure” and “seduction” of Sephiroth (not to mention the obvious physical features). Part of that includes the quiet madness that seems to be simmering just below the surface. He may not show it, but in his silence and calculation there is an extremely dangerous and powerful insanity.

His physical appearance is somewhat of a curse and a gift: it attracts many to him, which constantly reassures his vain streak that he is capable of having some semblance of companionship should he ever wish for such a thing. But it also drives him slightly to the brink of cracking, going insane maybe, because he does not understand how people can flock to him when puts on an air of wanting nothing to do with people aside from his family and his purpose.

The most obvious advantages are his expert marksmanship and use of his revolver, The Velvet Nightmare. When it comes to fighting, he is extremely agile due to his lithe and toned form, and is able to execute a variety of “tag-team” style moves when fighting in a duo with his brother Loz. He would prefer shooting, but as evidenced by his fight with Reno he is more than capable of holding his own and is even superior to the training of the Turks in hand-to-hand combat.

On a more psychological level, his advantages lie in his silence and intimidation factors. While he may not be as talkative or even physically expressive, his overall presence is one that commands attention, slight fear, and perhaps even awe. There is a reason his correlation to Sephiroth is his allure, as expertly demonstrated by his behaviour.

Probably the only weakness would be loyalty to a fault. Depending on whoever it is he’s following or working for/with, he’ll probably do whatever it is that’s asked of him, no matter how dangerous or risky. If the cause is worth it, he’d die for it. In this case his loyalty to Kadaj and their devotion for their Mother and the “Reunion” is almost blind.

His attitude can be a problem as well, as its arrogant nature can sometimes preclude him from relationships with others. Certainly not antisocial and definitely not social, he’s caught somewhere in the middle. Due to this, sometimes he has moments of insecurity, which he tries to keep to himself as much as possible. One thing that constantly tortures him mentally is the reasons why people are often drawn to him. After growing up alone, it is strange and incomprehensible to him.

As mentioned before and elaborated on in personality, there is a complex within him that compels him to always seek guidance or some form of leadership due to a lack of parental figures and merely the figurehead of his Mother.

Yazoo is not a normal individual, not in appearance, behaviour, goals, and certainly not in the way he was brought about to life. Two years after Final Fantasy VII, the great General Sephiroth’s being was split into three separate entities, often times referred to as Remnants or clones. Yazoo was the middle “child”—the one who possessed the closest appearance to the infamous man as well as his “allure”.

Along with his two brothers, he is blindly devoted towards Jenova and strives for the “Reunion”, which involves getting revenge on the planet by merging with her cells and essentially reincarnating Sephiroth.

The three search everywhere—starting in the Northern Crater where they simply encounter the two Turks Elena and Tseng. Hoping to at least discover Mother’s whereabouts from them, they torture them for information until stopped by Vincent Valentine. From there they start towards the city of Edge, which has been made in wake of the ruined Midgar.

Along the way he and his brother Loz attempt to double team Cloud, who they consider a member of their brethren who has essentially betrayed them in his mental relinquishment of his associations with Sephiroth. Yazoo also works to assemble several children that Kadaj mentally contaminates to go along with their physical contaminations of the Geostigma disease.

When they finally enter Edge, Yazoo and Loz combat against Reno and Rude during another attempt to find Mother. Kadaj is ultimately the successful one, though it is slightly late and it is discovered that Rufus was keeping her hidden under his shroud the entire time. Once Kadaj finally gathers the now breaking Jenova in his arms, it is up to Yazoo and Loz to hold off Cloud as the chase reaches the highway.

During the ensuing battle, the blond manages to escape them and within seconds they are barred from following him by means of a nicely constructed bomb that Reno and Rude leave for the two Remnants.

The last we see of the two brothers is as they are fading into the Lifestream in the middle of Aerith’s cleansing waters. Yazoo gives one final push to shoot Cloud as a dying Kadaj fades away as well (though in much more of a state of peace than them). He wishes for all of them to go together, and even clings to the thought in death that Mother will be waiting for them.

Here in the RP, he will have been taken from after he believes he has been absorbed into the Lifestream.

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